Smugglers - The Groombridge Gang 1733 to 1749
Groombridge Gang
"Smugglers The Groombridge Gang of smugglers appeared to have been formed in 1733 and was led by Robert Moreton and John Bowra. Much of their goods were landed at Lydd , Fairlight Bulverhythe and Pevensey and secreted in the Ashdown Forest to avoid discovery before being transported to London .

They were quite dominant in the area, and worked with the Hawkhurst Gang and the Hooe Company .

One of their leaders John Bowra was arrested for smuggling tea in 1737, then disappeared. Robert Moreton continued to lead the gang until 1749 when an informer Jerome Knapp shopped the gang to the authorities and they were held at Rochester until their trial.

8 members of the gang came from Groombridge , with others from Rotherfield Hartfield Penshurst and Westerham .

Other members of the gang were Moreton's servant Cat, Thomas Gurr (Stick in the mud) , Collison , Pizon , Isaac Pope (Towser) , John Kitchen (Flushing Jack) , Thomas Ward (Bulverhythe Tom) and William Weston .
Villages Mentioned
Fairlight (Firehills and Views)
Groombridge (Home of the Groombridge Gang)
Hartfield (A.A.Milne and Winnie-the-Pooh)
Hooe (The Haunt of Smugglers)
Lydd (The Cathedral of the Marsh)
Pevensey (Ancient Roman Fortification)
Rotherfield (Source of the rivers Rother and Uck)
Westerham (James Wolfe captures Quebec)
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